Which of the following expenses can be justified for legal necessity

The consent can be withdrawn unilaterally. It has been so held by the Supreme Court in

Where a manager of a joint family borrows money on a promissory note, the other members of the joint family are

Match List-I with List-II in the light of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, and give correct answer with the help of given below:
List I (Section) List II (Provision)
a. Section 14 1. Alternative Relief in divorce proceedings
b. Section 13A 2. Restitution of conjugal Rights
c. Section 9 3. Judicial separation
d. Section 10 4. No petition for divorce within one year of marriage

A marriage solemnised between any two Hindus, who are related to each other in spinda relationship, under section 11 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, shall be

Saptapadi means:

As a result of the changes introduced by the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, the daughter of a coparcener in a Joint Hindu Family, governed by the Mitakshara Law, becomes a coparcener-

Rights of child in womb at the time of death of the intestate have been provided under