Which of the following statements about open systems as given by Daniel Katz and Robert Khan are true?
1. The exportation of energic inputs into the environment.
2. Transformation of available energy as through put, so that work is done.
3. The importation of the output from the environment.
4. A cycle of events in which the product exported to the environment provides the energy for repetition of the cycle.

Which one of the following concepts are not associated with scientific management?
1. Rule of Thumb
2. Mental Revolution
3. Unity of Command
4. Time and Motion Study
5. Differential Piece Rate System

As a manager moves to higher positions in an organisation, the ability to make . . . . . . . . becomes . . . . . . . . important.

Match the following.
List-I (School of Theories) List-II (Period of Development)
a. Classical Theory 1. 1890 - 1930
b. Behavioural Theory 2. 1930 - 1960
c. System Theory 3. 1965
d. Contingency Theory 4. 1960 onwards

Arrange the steps of succession planning in the correct sequence.
1. Define competencies required to perform roles.
2. With future orientation, assess people against criteria.
3. Identify roles for succession or replacement planning.
4. Develop employees to be ready for future key roles.
5. Identify pool of talent that can potentially perform highly in key roles.

Match the following.
List-I List-II
a. Decision-making 1. Management
b. Execution 2. The CEO
c. Lower level management 3. Administration
d. Top level management 4. Foreman

Which of the following pair is correctly matched?

Departmentation is
1. Structuring work to accomplish organisational goals.
2. Visual display of organisation structure.
3. Grouping of jobs on some basis.
4. Arranging jobs in a hierarchy.
Select the correct answer:

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