According to E Mayo output apart from the physical conditions of work which of the following factor is responsible for the output of the worker?

What are the facts regarding system theory approach?

Match List I with List II and choose the right answer:
List-I List-II
a. Staffing 1. Motivation
b. Planning 2. Training
c. Directing 3. Forecasting
d. Controlling 4. Comparison of performance

Match the following.
List-I List-II
a. Management audit 1. Calculation of profits at different activity levels
b. Ratio analysis 2. Estimate for one time is prepared
c. Break even analysis 3. It is not bounded by any law
d. Critical point control 4. Computation of ratios for further analysis

Mooney and Reiley enunciated the following principles of organisation
1. The co-coordinative
2. The scalar
3. The functional
4. The staff line principle
Select the correct answer:

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