Which of the following statements are correct?
1. Human relation approach was started by Taylor.
2. Scientific management was given by Fayol.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of 'spaghetti organisation structure' adopted by MNCs?

Developed by the Special Projects Office of the U.S. Navy; this technique was first formally applied to the planning and control of the Polaris Weapon System in 1958 and worked well in expediting the completion of that programme. The technique is known as

Match the following.
List-I List-II
a. Planning 1. Getting others to get the job done
b. Organising 2. Setting the staridard such as sales, quotas, quality standard
c. Leading 3. Establishing goals and standards
d. Directing 4. Giving each subordinate specific task

The scalar principle of organisation implies

Match the following.
List-I List-II
a. Linking pin 1. Dual role of an individual
b. Work specialisation 2. Bifurcation of work
c. Formalisation 3. Rules and procedures
d. Chain of command 4. Defines authority and responsibility

Which of the following statements are not correct?
1. Informational organisation deal with emotions and are personal.
2. Informal organisations are rational and legal.
3. Information organisations are sentimental and quick
4. They are societal and customary.

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