Assertion (A) The organisational structure should follow the organisational strategy.
Reason (R) Structure are for achieving the objectives are derived from overall strategy.

Which of the following statements are true about Herbert A Simon's decision-making process?
1. Decision-making process involves intelligence, design and choice activities.
2. Decision-making involves choice between alternative plans of action.
3. Bounded rationality has no significance in decision-making process.
4. Satisficing model brings about a balance between individual and organisational value judgement in decision-making process.

Who among the following are known for study of work arrangements to eliminate wasteful hand and body motions?

The overall process of decision-making in staff selection includes which of these stages?

Assertion (A) The basic planning process always involves setting objectives, forecasting and assessing basic planning 'premises' or assumptions, determining alternatives causes of actions, evaluating which options are best and then choosing and implementing plan.
Reason (R) There is usually a hierarchical aspect to managerial planning. Top management approves a long-term or strategic plan. Then each department creates its own budgets and other plans to fit and to contribute to company's long term plan.

The on-going process of identifying, assessing and developing organisational leadership to enhance performance is called

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