Which of the following statement is true?
1. Rs. 63/USD is direct quote in India.
2. Rs. 63/USD is direct quote in USA.
3. 1 Rupee = 0.0158 dollars is indirect quote in India.
4. 1 Rupee = 0.0158 dollars in indirect quote in USA

If rf and rd are the interest rates of a foreign country and domestic country, respectively and if $${S_{\frac{F}{D}}}$$ and $${S_{\frac{F}{D}}}$$ are spot exchange rate and forward exchange rate between the countries F and D, the interest rate parity is indicated by

IN the statement, INR/USD: 1.1250/1.1251, which of the following represent bid quote?
1. 1.1250
2. 1.1252
3. 1.1251-1.1250

Which of the following statement is correct?
Statement I In currency quotation, the first currency is the base Currency and the second currency is known as the quoted currency.
Statement II A currency pair is generally represented by using a hyphen or an oblique.

If there is a fall in the external value of a currency

Match the correct combination for Assertion and Reason as argued by Shapiro and Timan.
Assertion (A) Management decisions to insure or hedge asset appear at best neutral mutation.
Reason (R) The price of systematic risk is identical for all the participants in the financial market.

If purchasing power parity were to hold even in the short run, then