If breakeven revenue is $220000 and revenue per bundle is $10000, then number of bundles to be sold to breakeven will be

Gross margin is $7000 and revenues are $16000, then cost of goods sold would be

If sales quantity is 7000 units and breakeven quantity is 1500 units, then margin of safety would be

If budgeted revenue is $50000 and breakeven revenue is $35000, then margin of safety would be

If fixed cost is $20000, target operating income is $10000 and contribution margin per unit is $1200 then required units to be sold will be

Set of all occurrences that may happen in near future or in any other fixed time are called

If gross margin is $9000 and cost of goods sold is $8000 then revenue will be

Economic results that are predicted for possible combinations of events are classified as

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