A two member committee comprising of one male and one female member is to be constitute out of five males and three females. Amongst the females. Ms. A refuses to be a member of the committee in which Mr. B is taken as the member. In how many different ways can the committee be constituted ?

A. 11

B. 12

C. 13

D. 14

Answer: Option D

Solution(By Examveda Team)

5C1 × 3C1 - 1
= 15 - 1
= 14

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  1. Pooja Deb
    Pooja Deb :
    2 years ago


  2. Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar :
    2 years ago

    Answer :- 14

  3. Nithin Nitz
    Nithin Nitz :
    6 years ago

    It may b clear tht one men and one women
    Selected as 5c1*3c1

    Now A female and B male can be selected frm this only once no..
    Ie only one time a and b come together.

    So if u minus 15-1..14 times they don't come tgthr

  4. Asif Pathan
    Asif Pathan :
    6 years ago

    we have to select 1 male members from 5 males and 1 female member
    from 3 females if B male taken as a member then A refuses to a member
    hence BA can not be a members

  5. Navajyoti Basak
    Navajyoti Basak :
    7 years ago

    please explain me the solution of this problem in details. I m not getting it. Reply asap. thank u.

  6. Himanshu Mittal
    Himanshu Mittal :
    7 years ago

    Please give full explanation.

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