An OPAMP has a slew rate of 5 V/μ S .The largest sine wave O/P voltage possible at a frequency of 1 MHZ is
[Hint: Slew rate is defined as the max. rate of change of output voltage. Its unit is V/μS.]

A. 10 volts

B. 5 volts

C. 5/1 volts

D. 5/2 volts

Answer: Option D

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  1. Abivishaq Balasubramanian
    Abivishaq Balasubramanian :
    1 year ago

    I'm getting 5v.
    Isn't slew rate the maximum voltage change possible per second(or here us).
    So the maximum change in voltage the sin wave can have is 5v/us.
    if i differentiate the sin wave( A*sin(10^6*t) ):
    I get A*10^6cos(10^6*t)
    The maximum change in voltage is when cos()=1.

  2. Khuram Shahzad
    Khuram Shahzad :
    1 year ago

    formula is
    SR = 2 * pi * f * Vo

  3. Argha Bhattaharyya
    Argha Bhattaharyya :
    2 years ago

    Idiot answer is 5/2pi

  4. Tini.S Russel
    Tini.S Russel :
    3 years ago

    how the maximum output voltage is calculated

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