A local delivery company has three packages to deliver to three different homes. if the packages are delivered at random to the three houses, how many ways are there for at least one house to get the wrong package?

How many natural numbers less than a lakh can be formed with the digits 0,6 and 9?

There are 20 couples in a party. Every person greets every person except his or her spouse. People of the same sex shake hands and those of opposite sex greet each other with a Namaste (It means bringing one's own palms together and raising them to the chest level). What is the total number of handshakes and Namaste's in the party?

In how many ways can a leap year have 53 Sundays?

In a certain laboratory, chemicals are identified by a colour-coding system. There are 20 different chemicals. Each one is coded with either a single colour or a unique two-colour pair. If the order of colours in the pairs does not matter, what is the minimum number of different colours needed to code all 20 chemicals with either a single colour or a unique pair of colours?

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