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  1. Masud Rana
    Masud Rana :
    2 years ago

    C is the structure language. Also C is the mother language of other programming language C language invented by Dennis Ritchie in 1972

  2. Golu Badshah
    Golu Badshah :
    2 years ago

    My salary was increased by 15 % select the statment which will exactly reproduce the line of text above -

  3. Raju Biswas
    Raju Biswas :
    2 years ago


    You are in charge of security at a casino, and there is a thief who is trying to steal the casino's money! Look over the security diagrams to make sure that you always have a guard between the thief and the money!
    There is one money location, one thief, and any number of guards on each floor of the casino.

    Evaluate a given floor of the casino to determine if there is a guard between the money and the thief, if there is not, you will sound an alarm.

    Input Format:
    A string of characters that includes $ (money), T (thief), and G (guard), that represents the layout of the casino floor.
    Space on the casino floor that is not occupied by either money, the thief, or a guard is represented by the character x.

    Output Format:
    A string that says 'ALARM' if the money is in danger or 'quiet' if the money is safe.

    Sample Input:

    Sample Output:

    This input should set off the alarm because there is no guard between the money and the thief!

  4. Shyama Sundar
    Shyama Sundar :
    6 years ago

    option a

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