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  1. ༆Sтoʟᴇɴ᭄Hᴀwκ࿐
    ༆Sтoʟᴇɴ᭄Hᴀwκ࿐ :
    2 years ago

    Nested if contains __________
    a)else statement b)if within if c)for d)continue

  2. TôwSêêf Âb
    TôwSêêf Âb :
    4 years ago

    Aman as assembler is not in option, and compiler is also a part of flowchart, so it is a correct answer

  3. Aman Shukla
    Aman Shukla :
    5 years ago

    the answer will be D). None of the above as, the compiler compiles the source code to assembly code and for the conversion of assembly code to machine code/ object code we need assembler so the answer will be "assembler"

  4. Ronali Sahu
    Ronali Sahu :
    5 years ago

    Thank u

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