Can you work under pressure?

The interviewer wants to make sure that you would be able to perform under pressure also. He wishes to know how you shall deal with stressful situations at the workplace.
Every job has its own importance and is surrounded by various types of pressure. ‘Workload and stressful situations are inevitable’. The differentiating factor is how the person tackles such situation of crisis and stress.

Follow the below mentioned key points while answering this question:
1. Never say "no" as an answer to this question. The answer SHOULD be affirmative. [I can handle such situations pretty well].
2. Draw and give an example from your past experience in personal or professional or academic life. Cite such an example which proves your ability to handle such situation well.
3. Tune the answer in a manner that converts the hurdle into an advantage. Eg. ‘Working under pressure is actually desirable since it automatically brings out the hidden caliber, skill, creativity, innovation and potential from within a person. If we take it as a challenge, it shall help us outperform our own performance standards.’
4. Mention the activities that you indulge in after having a stressful day; to keep yourself boosted, motivated, refreshed and calm. This shall depict that you ‘know yourself’ very well.

Remember: “When standing at the edge, you have two choices. Either you just TRIP OFF or you make a HIGH JUMP even beyond your limits. The latter defines your NEVER GIVE UP attitude.”

Can you work under pressure

Now, it’s time for 'participation':
*Assume that you are sitting in the interview room now.
*You have been asked to ‘Can you work under pressure’. Go ahead; give it a try on how to answer the same. Post your own answers and get them reviewed .

User Answer ( 4 )

  1. user
    Anup Palodhi
    4 years ago
    Though I have never faced such kind of situation when I have to work under pressure for the benifit of my company , I can say from my knowledge that it would be the best & unique opportunity to prove myself & my quality also. Thank you

  2. user
    3 years ago
    Definitely YES sir, this is the basic quality to get success in any field.
    If the person needs to success in his /her career, he/she should be ready to face these.
    maximum of those situation end up with the new experience.
  3. user
    Rahul Ghosh
    2 years ago
    definitely sir, i think its a basic key of success, and its a great opportunity to prove myself and my quality.
  4. user
    Sivani Kottakota
    1 year ago
    Yes sir definitely i am ...many legends said that work is worship and i believe in that ... Working under pressure is not a difficult task to me ...of vourse by thus we may get through many things

Can you work under pressure?