China to send Mini-Ecosystems to the Moon

China is planning to send mini-ecosystems comprising of potato seeds and silkworm eggs to the Moon by next year. The move is aimed at studying how the organisms develop in Moon.

Salient Highlights

The 3-kilogramme mini-ecosystem will be developed by research teams under the leadership of Chongqing University in China.

The mini-ecosystems would be sent to the moon by Chang’e 4 which is scheduled to be launched in 2018.

The potato seeds and silkworm eggs would be placed in an 18-centimetre-tall cylinder. According to the researchers, the silkworms will hatch and create carbon dioxide, while the potato plants will generate oxygen.

The main objective behind this mission is to prepare for future moon landings and possible human inhabitants. China is preparing for a planned mission to the Moon.

In addition, the researchers have decided to live stream the development of plants and insects to the whole world.

Current Affairs 17th June, 2017
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