For masonry built in 1 : 1 : 6 cement-lime-sand mix mortar or equivalent, the horizontal shear stress permissible on the area of a mortar bed joint is

Maximum slenderness ratio of load bearing walls for a dwelling having more than 2 storeys
(i) Shall not exceed 12 if lime mortar is used
(ii) Shall not exceed 18 if cement lime mortar 1 : 2 : 9 is used
(iii) Shall not exceed 24 if cement mortar 1 : 6 is used

The timber floor not spanning on the masonry wall but properly anchored to the wall gives

Assertion A : For identical strength, a composite cement-lime mortar is preferred over cement mortar.
Reason R : Composite cement-lime mortar has higher drying shrinkage than cement mortar.
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