Interim cash inflows are reinvested at a rate of return equal to the internal rate of return is the built-in mechanism for

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer:
List-I List-II
a. Modigliani Miller approach 1. Commercial papers
b. Net operating income approach 2. Working capital management
c. Short-term money market instrument 3. Capital structure
d. Factoring 4. Arbitrage

Which one of the following assumptions is not included in the James E. Walter Valuation model?

Which of the following is an implicit cost of increasing proportion of debt of a company?

Indicate the cost of equity capital based on capital asset pricing model with the following information. Beta coefficient 1.40 Risk free rate of interset 9% Expected rate of return on equity in the market 16%

The international monetary system went through several distinct stages of evolution. These stages are summarised, in alphabetic order, as follows
1. Bimetallism
2. Brettonwoods system
3. Classical gold standard
4. Flexible exchange rate regime
5. Interwar period
The chronological order that they actually occurred is

If we move from present value to calculate the future value, we can use the concept of compounding rate. If we were to move from future value towards the calculation of present value, the concept used will be

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