Question : Among T, V, B, E and C, who is the third from the top when arranged in the descending order of their weights ?

Statements :
I. B is heavier than T and C and is less heavier than V who is not the heaviest.
II. C is heavier than only T.

Question : Which word in the code language means 'flower' ?

Statements :
I. 'de fu la pane' means 'rose flower is beautiful' and 'la quiz' means 'beautiful tree'.
II. 'de la chin' means 'red rose flower' and 'pa chin' means 'red tea'.

Question : How many students in a class play football ?

Statements :
I. Only boys play football.
II. There are forty boys and thirty girls in the class.

Question : Who is C's partner in a game of cards involving four players A, B, C and D ?

Statements :
I. D is sitting opposite to A.
II. B is sitting right of A and left of D.

Question : On a T.V. channel, four serials A, B, C and D were screened, one on each day, on four consecutive days but not necessarily in that order. On which day was the serial C screened ?

Statements :
I. The first serial was screened on 23rd, Tuesday and was followed by serial D.
II. Serial A was not screened on 25th and one serial was screened between serials A and B.

Question : How is Sulekha related to Nandini ?

Statements :
I. Sulekha's husband is the only son of Nandini's mother.
II. Sulekha's brother and Nandini's husband are cousins.

Question : Can Ritesh retire from office X in January 2006, with full pension benefits ?

Statements :
I. Ritesh will complete 30 years of service in office X in April 2000 and desires to retire.
II. As per office X rules, an employee has to complete minimum 30 years of service and attain age of 60. Ritesh has 3 years to complete age of 60.

Question : What is the code for 'or' in the code language?

Statements :
I. 'nik sa te' means 'right or wrong', 'ro da nik' means 'he is right' and 'fe te ro' means 'that is wrong'.
II. 'pa nik la' means 'that right man', 'sa ne pa' means 'this or that' and 'ne ka re' means 'tell this there'.

Question : Madan is elder than Kamal and Sharad is younger than Arvind. Who among them is the youngest ?

Statements :
I. Sharad is younger than Madan.
II. Arvind is younger than Kamal.

Question : On which date in August was Kapil born ?

Statements :
I. Kapil's mother remembers that Kapil was born before nineteenth but after fifteenth.
II. Kapil's brother remembers that Kapil was born before seventeenth but after twelfth.