Question : Who among P, Q, T, V and M is exactly in the middle when they are arranged in ascending order of their heights ?

Statements :
I. V is taller than Q but shorter than M.
II. T is taller than Q and M but shorter than P.

Question : Which code word stands for 'good' in the coded sentence 'sin co bye' which means 'He is good' ?

Statements :
I. In the same code language, 'co mot det' means 'They are good'.
II. In the same code language, 'sin mic bye' means 'He is honest'.

Question : What is the numerical code for 'water' in a certain code ?

Statements :
I. The code for 'give me water' is '719'.
II. The code for 'you can bring water for me' is written as '574186'.

Question : How many visitors saw the exhibition yesterday ?

Statements :
I. Each entry pass holder can take up to three persons with him/her.
II. In all, 243 passes were sold yesterday.

Question : Gaurav ranks eighteenth from the top in a class. What is his rank from the last?

Statements :
I. There are 47 students in the class.
II. Jatin who ranks 10th in the same class, ranks 38th from the last.

Question : What is the rank of P from the bottom in a class of 30 students ?

Statements :
I. M is third from the top and there are five students between M and P.
II. The rank of K is fourth from the bottom and there are 17 students between K and P.

Question : In a row of five buildings - P, Q, R, S and T, which building is in the middle ?

Statements :
I. Buildings S and Q are at the two extreme ends of the row.
II. Building ,T is to the right of building R.

Question : How many speeches were delivered in the two days' programme ?

Statements :
I. 18 speakers were invited to give at least one speech (maximum of two speech), out of which one-sixth of the speakers could not come.
II. One-third of the speakers gave two speeches each.

Question : Among five friends, who is the tallest ?

Statements :
I. D is taller than A and C.
II. B is shorter than E but taller than D.

Question : What time did the train leave today ?

Statements :
I. The train normally leaves on time.
II. The scheduled departure is at 14 : 30.