Mohan was facing east. he walked 4 km forward and then after turning to his right walked 3 km.Again he turned to his right and walked 4 km. After this he turned back. Which direction was he facing at that time?

A cyclist goes 30 km to North and then turning to East he goes 40 km. Again he turns to his right and goes 20 km. After this he turns to his right and goes 40 km. How far is from his starting point ?

A, B, C and D are standing on the four corners of a square field as shown in the figure below:
A starts crossing the field diagonally. After walking half the distance, he turns right, walks some distance and turns left. Which direction is A facing now? Direction Sense Test mcq solution image

A direction pole was situated on the crossing. Due to an accident the pole turned in such a manner that the pointer which was showing East, started showing South. One traveler went to wrong direction thinking to be West. In what direction actually he was traveling?

A man leaves from his office for his home. He walks towards East. After moving a distance of 20 m, he turns South and walks 10 m. Then he walks 35 m towards the west and further 5 m towards the north. He then turns towards east and walks 15 m. What is the straight distance (in metres) between his initial and final position?