Statements : All terrorists are guilty. All terrorists are criminals.

Conclusions :
I. Either all criminals are guilty or all guilty are criminals.
II. Some guilty persons are criminals.
III. Generally criminals are guilty.
IV. Crime and guilt go together.

Statements : Some books are pens. No pen is pencil.

Conclusions :
I. Some pens are books.
II. Some pencils are books.
III. Some books are not pencils.
IV. All pencils are books.

Statements : Some bottles are drinks. All drinks are cups.

Conclusions :
I. Some bottles are cups.
II. Some cups are drinks.
III. All drinks are bottles.
IV. All cups are drinks.

Statements : Some houses are offices. Some offices are schools.

Conclusions :
I. Some schools are houses.
II. Some offices are houses.
III. No house is school.
IV. Some schools are offices.

Statements : Some taxis have horns. Some taxis have lights.

Conclusions :
I. Every taxi has either horn or light.
II. Some taxis have neither light nor horn.
III. Some taxis have horns as well as lights.
IV. No taxi has horn as well as light.

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