Statements : All tigers are lions. No cow is lion. Some camels are cows.

Conclusions :
I. Some lions are camels.
II. No camel is tiger.
III. Some tigers are cows.

Statements : All flowers are toys. Some toys are trees. Some angels are trees.

Conclusions :
I. Some angels are toys.
II. Some trees are flowers.
III. Some flowers are angels.

Statements : Some rats are cats. Some cats are dogs. No dog is cow.

Conclusions :
I. No cow is cat.
II. No dog is rat.
III. Some cats are rats.

Statements : All tigers are jungles. No jungle is bird. Some birds are rains.

Conclusions :
I. No rain is jungle.
II. Some rains are jungles.
III. No bird is tiger.

Statements : All snakes are trees. Some trees are roads. All roads are mountains.

Conclusions :
I. Some mountains are snakes.
II. Some roads are snakes.
III. Some mountains are trees.

Statements : All trees are flowers. No flower is fruit. All branches are fruits.

Conclusions :
I. Some branches are trees.
II. No fruit is tree.
III. No tree is branch.

Statements : Some uniforms are covers. All covers are papers. All papers are bags.

Conclusions :
I. All covers are bags.
II. Some bags are covers, papers and uniforms.
III. Some uniforms are not papers.

Statements : No rabbit is lion. Some horses are lions. All rabbits are tables.

Conclusions :
I. Some tables are lions.
II. Some horses are rabbits.
III. No lion is table.

Statements : All benches are desks. Some desks are roads. All roads are pillars.

Conclusions :
I. Some pillars are benches.
II. Some pillars are desks.
III. Some roads are benches.
IV. No pillar is bench.

Statements : Some dogs are rats. All rats are trees. Some trees are not dogs.

Conclusions :
I. Some trees are dogs.
II. All dogs are trees.
III. All rats are dogs.
IV. No tree is dog.

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