Statements : No door is dog. All the dogs are cats.

Conclusions :
I. No door is cat.
II. No cat is door.
III. Some cats are dogs.
IV. All the cats are dogs.

Statements : All green are blue. All blue are white.

Conclusions :
I. Some blue are green.
II. Some white are green.
III. Some green are not white.
IV. All white are blue.

Statements : All men are vertebrates. Some mammals are vertebrates.

Conclusions :
I. All men are mammals.
II. All mammals are men.
III. Some vertebrates are mammals.
IV. All vertebrates are men.

Statements : All the phones are scales. All the scales are calculators.

Conclusions :
I. All the calculators are scales.
II. All the phones are calculators
III. All the scales are phones.
IV. Some calculators are phones.

Statements : Some tables are T.V. Some T.V. are radios.

Conclusions :
I. Some tables are radios.
II. Some radios are tables.
III. All the radios are T.V.
IV. All the T.V. are tables.