You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 domain that has three domain controllers. Each day, you use Windows Backup to perform full backups of each domain controller. You run a script to make changes to account information in Active Directory. As a result of errors in the script, the incorrect user accounts are modified. Active Directory replication then replicates the changes to the other two domain controllers. You want to revert Active Directory to the version that was backed up the previous day. What should you do?

Your network uses TCP/IP as the only network protocol. Devices on the network are configured to use IP address from the private range. All the client computers on the network runs Windows 2000 Professional. The network includes Windows 2000 Server computers and UNIX servers. User's print jobs are sent to shared printers on a Windows 2000 Server computer named PrintServ that directs the print jobs to print devices attached directly to the network. You have a high-capacity print device that is attached to one of the UNIX servers. The UNIX computer uses the LPR printing protocol, and it's IP address is The name of the printer queue is GIANT. You want users to be able to connect to this printer from their computers. What should you do?

You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 Server computer. The server hosts several web sites that have logging enabled. You use a third-party reporting utility to analyze the log files produced by the web sites. You notice that all data from 7:00pm to midnight each night is included in the following day's logfile. You want all data to be included in the correct day's log file. What should you do?

You are the administrator responsible for security and user desktop settings on your network. You need to configure a custom registry entry for all users. You want to add the custom registry entry into a Group Policy object (GPO) with the least amount of administrative effort What should you do?

You want to provide complete redundancy for all data stored on your hardware RAID 5 array. You install second h/w Raid 5. You want to create a mirror set of the original array. However when you right click the free space on new array you see no option to create a new volume or mirrrored volume. What should you do?