Computer accounts and user accounts in your domain have been seperated into OUs for administrative purpose. You want to require strong passwords for the local user accounts only. What should you do?

You are the network administrator for your company. Mike Nash is a member of the Administration group, and Nate Sun is a member of the Intern group. Both groups are in the same domain. On the intranet server, the Administration group is placed in the Security group, and the Intern group is placed in the Nonsecurity group. The Security group is then granted Full Control permission for the Sales virtual directory. Nate needs to update new sales information that is located on the Sales virtual directory. What should you do so that Nate can perform this task?

You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 Server computer that has one hard disk. This computer runs a custom application that writes a large number of small temporary files in a single directory to support request from client computers. To improve performance of the application, you add three new 100-GB SCSI disks to the server to hold these temporary files. You want to ensure that the application can use all 300 GB of space with a single drive letter. You also want to ensure the fastest possible performance when writing the temporary files. How should you configure the three disks?

You are the administrator of Windows 2000 Server computer. Your computer has a span volume that consists of areas on three physical hard disks on the server. The three disks support hot swapping. You regularly backup the span volume by using windows backup. One of the disk fail, you replace the disk with a new un-partitioned disk. You want to recover the span volume and disk data as soon as possible. What should you do?

You have configured a Group Policy Object (GPO) for the marketing oranization unit (OU) to prevent users from accessing My Network Places and from running System in Control Panel. You want the Managers Domain Local Group to be able to access My Network Places, but you still want to prevent them from running System in Control Panel. What should you do?