You install Internet Information Services 5.0 on a computer running Windows 2000 Server. You create two new department web sites for the Human Resources and Sales departments. You use host headers to define these two new sites. You stop the Sales web site while a developer updates the contents of the site. If a user attempts to access the Sales site while it is stopped, what response will the user receive?

You have a machine with two hard disk and you add an extra 100 GB hard disk for a specific Client-Server application to run on, because the application gets very slow returning query data. You want to have the fastest possible access for the Client-Server App to the HDD's. Which Raid should you apply?

You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 Server computer. The server has a single hard disk with a single NTFS partition. You use a third-party tool to add a new partition to the disk. When you restart the server, you received the following error message: "Windows 2000 could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \system32\ntoskrnl.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file." What should you do to resolve the problem?

You are a network administrator for your company. The company is currently configuring its branch offices with a Windows 2000 Server computer at each office. Each branch office has a technical-support department but not a network administrator. You want to configure the remote Windows 2000 Server computers so that whenever a new Microsoft driver becomes available, the branch offices are notified automaticaly when the administrator logs onto the server. What should you do?

Some applications on your company network use defined domain user accounts as their service accounts. Each computer that runs one of these applications should have the respective service account in the Local Administrators Group. Currently, you individually place these service accounts in the Local Administrators Group on the appropriate Windows 2000 Professional computers. You need to centralize this process. What should you do?