How can you recreate the PTR record in your Windows 2000 DNS server from you Windows 2000 client?

You want to provide Internet access for the clients on your network. You decide to use Network Address Translation (NAT). You have a Windows 2000 computer you try to establish a secure Virtual Private Networking session with. You try connecting to the Remote Windows 2000 computer using L2TP. You are unable to establish a connection with the remote node using L2TP. You are able to make a connection with another computer in your same office. Why are you unable to make a connection.to the remote location?

You are configuring a Windows 2000 Server computer as a Routing and Remote Access server for a Branch office. You discover that an incorrect driver was installed during the installation of the modem. You attempt to remove the modem by using Phone and Modem Options in Control Panel. After each attempt to remove the modem by using this method, the computer stops responding. You restart the computer again. You must install the correct driver for the modem as quickly as possible. What should you do?

You want to improve the TCP transmission speed of a Windows 2000 Server computer. You also want to remove an unused registry key. You use Regedit32 to edit the registry of the Windows 2000 Server. You insert a value in the registry named TCPWindowSize, and you remove the unused key. You restart the computer, but the computer stops responding before the logon screen appears. You want to return the computer to its previous configuration. What should you do?

Your network consists of Windows 2000 file servers, Windows 2000 print servers, Windows 2000 professional computers, Windows 2000 file servers. You must prevent any unsigned drivers from being installed on any computer in your Windows 2000 network. What should you do?