Bridges offer performance improvements when used in diverse or scattered workgroups, where the majority of access occurs outside of the local segment

Your company uses both Ethernet and token-ring LAN's in the same building. Users need access to resources and the ability to transmit data between the LAN's. Which device would you use to enable communications between dissimilar LAN's that use different protocols?

Your 10Base2 Ethernet cable is 185 meters long. You are planning to extend your network by adding another 100 meters of cable. The total length of the cable will be 285 meters. The network uses NetBEUI. Which device should you use?

Each network segment must have a unique address

You create home directories for users Jan and Kim on a Windows NT Server computer. Jan works on a Windows NT Workstation computer. Kim works on a Microsoft Windows for Workgroups computer. After they log on, Jan can access her home directory, but Kim cannot access her home directory. What should you do?