Convert the .WORD d#790 assemblylanguage pseudo-ops into hexadecimal machine language:

A. 0111EF

B. 03 16

C. F8

D. 42 65 61 72

Answer: Option B

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Terminal Table

A. a permanent table which lists all key words and special symbols of the language in symbolic form

B. a permanent table of decision rules in the form of patterns for matching with the uniform symbol table to discover syntactic structure

C. consists of a full or partial list of the tokens as they appear in the program. Created by Lexical analysis and used for syntax analysis and interpretation

D. contains all constants in the program

The advantage(s) of incorporating the macro processor into pass 1 is/ are:

A. many functions do not have to be implemented twice

B. Functions are combined and it is not necessary to create intermediate files as output from the macro processor and input to the assembler

C. more flexibility is available to the programmer in which he/she may use all the features of the assembler in conjunction with macros

D. All of the above