Sucrose is converted to a mixture of glucose and fructose in a pseudo first order process under alkaline conditions. The reaction has a half-life of 28.4 min. The time required for the reduction of a 8.0 mM sample of sucrose to 1.0 mM is

For a given first order reaction, the reactant reduces to $${\frac{1}{4}^{{\text{th}}}}$$ its initial value in 10 min. The rate constant of the reaction is

For the reaction, 2X3 $$ \rightleftharpoons $$ 3X2, the rate of formation of X2 is

For the reaction shown below,
Chemical Kinetics mcq question image
the value of k1 is 1 × 10-4 s-1. If the reaction starts from X, the ratio of the concentrations of Y and Z at any given time during the course of the reaction is found to be $$\frac{{\left[ {\text{Y}} \right]}}{{\left[ {\text{Z}} \right]}} = \frac{1}{4}.$$  The value of k2 is

Consider an exothermic reaction, $$A\mathop {\mathop \rightleftharpoons \limits_{{k_{ - 1}}} }\limits^{{k_1}} I$$
As the temperature increases

1 g of 90Sr gets converted to 0.953 g after 2 yr. The half-life of 90Sr, and the amount of 90Sr remaining after 5 yr are

The reaction, 2NO(g) + O2(g) → 2NO2(g) proceeds via the following steps:
NO + NO \[\xrightarrow{{{{\text{K}}_{\text{a}}}}}\] N2O2
N2O2 \[\xrightarrow{{{{\text{K}}_{{\text{a'}}}}}}\] NO + NO
N2O2 + O2 \[\xrightarrow[{\left( {{\text{slow}}} \right)}]{{{{\text{k}}_{\text{b}}}}}\]  NO2 + NO2
The rate of this reaction is equal to