Exports and imports, a swelling favourable balance of trade, investments and bank-balances, are not an index or a balance sheet of national prosperity. Till the beginning of the Second World War, English exports were noticeably greater than what they are today. And yet England has greater national prosperity today than it ever had. Because the income of average Englishmen, working as field and factory labourers, clerks, policemen, petty shopkeepers and shop assistants, domestic workers and other low-paid workers, has gone up.

The passage best supports the statement that:

A. a country's economic standard can be best adjudged by per capital income.

B. a country's balance of trade is the main criteria of determining its economic prosperity.

C. a nation's economy strengthens with the increase in exports.

D. English trade has continually increased since the Second World War.

E. high performance is essential for organisational effectiveness.

Answer: Option A

Solution(By Examveda Team)

a country's economic standard can be best adjudged by per capital income.

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Industrial exhibitions play a major role in a country's economy. Such exhibitions, now regularly held in Delhi, enable us to measure the extent of our own less advanced industrial progress and the mighty industrial power and progress of countries like the U.K., U.S.A. and Russia whose pavilions are the centres of the greatest attention and attractions.

The passage best supports the statement that industrial exhibitions:

A. greatly tax the poor economies.

B. are more useful for the developed countries like U.S.A. whose products stand out superior to those of the developing countries.

C. are not of much use to the countries who are industrially backward.

D. boost up production qualitatively and quantitatively by analytical comparison of a country.

E. family, as ever, is the most potent means.