For an E-commerce operator registration threshold limit is?

A. Rs.20 lacs

B. Rs.50 lacs

C. Rs.75 lacs

D. None of above

Answer: Option D

Solution(By Examveda Team)

GST registration is mandatory for E-commerce operator or aggregator

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  1. Mehul Suthar
    Mehul Suthar :
    7 months ago

    20 lack

  2. Madhumitha Murugan
    Madhumitha Murugan :
    7 months ago

    No, the correct answer is Rs. 20lakhs. E-commerce operators have to register regardless of the turnover. Threshold limit of Rs. 20 lakh/10 lakh is not applicable to e-commerce operators. They are not allowed to register under the composition scheme.

  3. Manasi H
    Manasi H :
    3 years ago

    What's the correct answer?

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