For smoothing and cleaning out depressions in the mould, a ________ is used.

A. Slick

B. Lifter

C. Swab

D. Gagger

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

For smoothing and cleaning out depressions in the mould a Lifter is used.

A slick is used for repair and finishing the mould surface after the removal of pattern. It is a double ended tool having a spoon on one end and a flat on the other end.

A lifter is used for picking up the unwanted dust and damaged parts of the mould. It is a L- shaped steel tool with long holding shank and a small toe. It is available in thin sections of various width and lengths, according to the shape of the mould.

A swab is used for moistening the sand around the edge before the pattern is withdrawn. It consists of soft hair brush to hold water at one end, and a rubber build at the other end.

A gagger is used for reinforcing the moulding sand in the cope part of the moulding box. These are the iron rods or thick wires bent at one or both the ends. The bottom end of the gagger must be kept 5 to 8 mm away from the embedded pattern.

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  1. Revengers Pubg
    Revengers Pubg :
    2 years ago

    The answer is A.
    Slick tool is used for smoothing.

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