Essentials of Doctrine of Election include

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(1) In case of conflict, the rule of Chancery did not prevail over common law
(2) The defendant could apply to the Court of Chancery for an order called a common injunction

The English Court of Chancery, incorporated into the Equity Jurisprudence of English law, the concept of acquitas as conceived by

Match the following
List I (Decided Cases) List II (Principle Stated)
a. Aequitaes est corectio legis generalities latae, qua parte deficit 1. Equity never counteracts law
b. Aequitaes sequitur legem 2. Equity is a correction of the general law in the part where it is defective
c. Aequitaes nunqua contravenit leges 3. The law helps the vigilant and not he dormant
d. Vigilantibus, non dormientibus jura subvenient 4. Equity follows the law

When one can approach an Equity Court as a

In which of the following cases the Supreme Court held that "Breach of Fiduciary Duty of Trust is to be judged in the line of Equity"

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Till the year 1875