Time taken in proceedings to set aside the sale, in suit for possession by a purchaser in execution, is liable to be excluded

The period of limitation cannot be extended under Section 5 of the Limitation Act in the following proceeding

Which of the following is not required for a valid acknowledgement

Sub-sections (2) to (4) of the present Section 12, Limitation Act, 1963 refers specifically to which of the following types of proceedings?
1. Appeal
2. Application to leave to appeal
3. Application to revision
4. Application to review
5. Application to set aside an award

Assertion (A): Section 5 of Limitation Act, 1963 empowers the Court to admit a suit after the prescribed period if the plaintiff satisfies the Court that he had sufficient cause for not instituting the suit.
Reason (R): Even an appeal may be admitted after the prescribed period if the appellant shows sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal within the prescribed period.

An erroneous decision refusing to apply Section 12, Limitation Act, 1963 can be corrected under which of the following articles of the Constitution?

Law of Limitation as considered in Limitation Act does not bar the remedy, if the suit has instituted under

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