On 1st January, 2010, an amount is deposited by the plaintiff with the defendant, not being a loan. On 1st January, 2012, demand is made by the plaintiff for repayment of the deposit. On 1st January, 2014, suit for recovery is filed for the amount of deposit. Is this suit within limitation?

'A' has within the prescribed period of limitation sued 'B' for recovery of debt owed by 'B' to 'A' The suit remains pending. After nine years of institution of suit 'A' assigns the debt for recovery of which the suit was filed to 'C'. 'C' after nearly one year of such assignment, applies in the suit for substitution in place of 'A':

Find out the false statement:

In computing the period of limitation for appeal, review or revision, the time requisite for obtaining a copy of the decree or order appealed shall be excluded under

Under section 12 of Limitation Act, the time is to be excluded

The period of limitation for filing a suit relating to tort against one who, having right to use property for specific purpose, perverts it to other purpose is:

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