Balanced scorecard perspective measures company's success in targeted segments of customers, this perspective can also be classified as

An amount of available capacity other than employed capacity, to meet customer's demand, is classified as

In operating income strategic analysis, strategic component which measures change in cost attributed to price of input in current year, relative to price of input material in last year can be classified as

An organization's ability to offer market offerings at lower prices, in comparison with its competitors is known as

Balanced scorecard perspective focuses on all operations, which leads to value creation process for customers, can be categorized as

Quantity of produced output is divided with cost of all used inputs to calculate

In operating income strategic analysis, a component which measures change in operating income attributed to change in output quantity is classified as

An example of financial perspective in balanced scorecard is

An ability of an organization, to offer its services or products that must be perceived by customers as unique and superior, in comparison to its competitors is called

If quantity of manufactured jackets is 2250000 units and leather used to produce output is 3500000 sq.m, then direct materials' partial productivity will be

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