Civil society can be understood as:

The Initiatives for Good Governance in India are mainly on:
1. Right to Information
2. E-Governance
3. Ease of Doing Business
4. Decentralization
5. Police Reforms
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In the cash benefits transferred in 2019-20 under the Direct Benefits Transfer Scheme, the largest head under which DBT transfers were made was:

Which of the following are the common features between the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act and the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act?
1. Periodical elections
2. Empowerment of socially and economically weak groups
3. Constitution of State Election Commission
4. Constitution of Ward committee
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Consider the following statements regarding UMANG App: Which of the above statements is/are correct?
1. It is developed by National e-Governance Division (NeGD) to fast-track mobile governance in India.
2. It provides major services offered by only Central and State Government departments.
3. Presently, it supports only English language.
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Consider the following statements regarding the Bharatiya Poshan Krishi Kosh (BPKK): Which of the statements is/are correct?
1. It was launched by Ministry of Agriculture with support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
2. It aims to reduce malnutrition through a multi-sectoral results-based framework.
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