Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates Kochi Metro

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated Kochi Metro, which will be Kerala’s first metro line.

The Construction of the Kochi Metro which was entrusted to the DMRC has been completed in a record four-year period. Prime Minister has inaugurated the first phase of the metro with 13.2 km out of the total 25 km stretch.

The Kochi Metro will be the country’s eighth inter-city metro rail project.

Salient Highlights

Kochi Metro is India’s first integrated multi-mode transport system. The system will also provide boat rides with water transport as a feeder service to the rail corridor.

Kochi Metro is the first public transport system that has reserved jobs for the transgenders.

The Metro has so far employed 23 transgenders in various departments.

Further, a majority of the staff in Kochi Metro will be women. Nearly 1,000 women have been selected to work in Kochi Metro. The trains will also be driven mainly by women drivers.

The first phase of the metro with 11 stations covering 13km is the longest first phase of a metro to be inaugurated.

The Kochi Metro is the first in the country to use Communication Based Train Control technology for maximising train frequencies and minimising errors.

Each station of the Kochi Metro will showcase a theme, such as maritime history, western ghats etc.

With the help of solar panels, the Kochi Metro plans to meet 35% of its power requirements.

With this, it has become the first metro in the country to use solar power to meet a quarter of its electricity requirement. The project cost of Kochi Metro is Rs 5,180 crore.

The Kochi Metro is the county’s first fully integrated metro. By purchasing a single ticket, commuters will be able to travel in feeder services along road and water. In a first, Kochi Metro will offer free wi-fi in its coaches and its stations.

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