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Read the Story carefully and try to find out the Synonyms and Antonyms of the coloured words or phrases. For your reference, We have Listed Synonyms and Antonyms of those words at the bottom of the story.

In a village, there lived a poor Brahmin priest. He was pious, dutiful and very superstitious. One day, the Brahmin went to a neighboring village to collect a gift that he had been promised from a rich landlord. While he was on his way back carrying his gift-a fat and healthy goat on his shoulders, three hungry crooks crossed his path. They saw the healthy goat on the Brahmin’s shoulders and whispered among themselves, “That is a very plump goat. Let us trick the Brahmin and take the goat away. We can then make a tasty dish out of it”.

They soon made a plan. The three of them went in separate ways. The first one stopped the Brahmin and exclaimed in horror, “Oh my god! Such a respected priest and carrying a dog on his shoulders? Don’t you know that it is a sin to touch a dog, or a rooster, or a donkey?” The Brahmin lost his temper. “You stupid fellow, are you blind? Can’t you see it is a goat, not a dog?” “Don’t be angry,” replied the first crook. “If you think it is not a dog, then please carry on. But isn’t it ridiculous that you are carrying a dog?”

The Brahmin had hardly walked a few more yards when the second crook stopped the Brahmin and looked at him in shock.”How can a reputed priest like you carry a dead calf on the shoulder?” exclaimed the crook. The Brahmin yelled, “Are you blind too? This is a healthy and live goat and you say he is a dead calf. You are an ignorant fool!”. “All right, sir,” said the second crook. “Please forgive me. Do as you please.”

“What’s wrong with everyone?” wondered the furious Brahmin as he hurried towards his home. “The whole world has gone mad?” Now it was the turn of the third crook to the Brahmin’s path. “Sir, why are you carrying a donkey on your shoulders? It is going to bring you misfortune.”

Now the Brahmin was confused. Three people have said that the goat was something else. “Have I been given a ghost that keeps changing into a dog, a dead calf or a donkey!” he wondered. “I don’t want this creature. Before it turns into something else, I better get rid of it.” Confused and scared, he threw the goat to the ground and took to his heels. Coming out of their hiding place, the crooks took the goat and laughed at the stupidity of the Brahmin. Listening to others blindly, he got duped.

MORAL:Have faith in yourself. Don’t believe others blindly.

Antonyms and Synonyms based on above story

•Pious: It’s an adjective used to describe a dedicated or religious person. Its synonyms are devoted, divine, godly, priestly, and sacred. Whereas the antonyms are irreligious, impious, bad, wicked, atheist, sinful.

•Dutiful: It’s an adjective to describe a dutiful person. Its synonyms are devoted, responsible, faithful, and compliant. Whereas the antonyms are irresponsible, unfaithful, disrespectful, disobedient, undutiful.

•Superstitious :It’s an adjective to describe a person who has superstitions ( belief in sign of things to come). Its synonyms are apprehensive, fearful, gullible, credulous. Whereas antonyms are rational, consistent, logical, intellectual, intelligent.

• Crooks : It’s another noun form for criminal, thief. It’s synonyms are robber, scoundrel, racketeer, villain, cheat, knave. Whereas antonyms are law, police.

•Plump : It’s an adjective for chubby, fat. It’s synonyms are fleshy, chunky, filled, full, obese. Whereas antonyms are skinny, lean, thin, weak, lean.

•Priest : It refers to a man who is minister in Roman or orthodox Catholic church. Its synonyms are monk, preacher, elder, father, divine, clergyman. Whereas antonyms are secular, laity, layman, layperson.

•Rooster : It refers to hen, chick, cock, poultry etc.

•Lost his temper : It’s a phrase used to describe a situation where a person fails to retain composure when angry. It’s synonyms are losing self-control, losing calmness.

•Ridiculous : It’s an adjective form for describing a stupid, funny person. Its synonyms are absurd, foolish, silly, comic, laughable. Whereas antonyms are good, logical, serious, wise.

•Yards :It refers to a grassy area around a structure. Its synonyms are area, backyard, courtyard, garden, patch. In this story it has been used in a sense to say that the priest had hardly walked some distance.

•Calf : It refers to a baby cow.

•Yelled : To yell is to make loud communication. Its synonyms are howl, hoot, shriek, cry, roar, scream, shout. Whereas antonyms are whisper, murmur, buzz.

•Furious : It’s an adjective to describe a person who is extremely angry or very mad. Its synonyms are violent, enraged, fierce, raging, fuming. Whereas antonyms are calm, peaceful, mild, gentle, quiet, pleased.

•Bring you misfortune : It indicates that it will be unlucky for you.

•Took to his heels : It is an idiom. It means “to run away quickly”.

•Got duped : It describes a situation where a person is easily deceived or is used to carry out the designs of another. A synonym of dupe is victim, An antonym of dupe is cognizant.

This article has been shared by Priti Saraf. Though a CA by profession, teaching is her passion. She suggests this joyful way of building English vocabulary wherein one can simultaneously get to know moral lessons as well.

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