Socialisation is different from socialism because the later is:

Consider the following statements:
The dangers of ethnocentrism are very grave in India.
Efforts of bringing unity among people of India are defeated because ethnocentrism:
1. Involves a double moral standard-one for in-group and another for out-group.
2. Distorts self and originality of every individual.
3. Makes individuals to look at the culture of out-groups with hatred and even contempt.
Which of these statements are correct?

Which of the following characteristics are used by Maclver for defining a community?
1. Common religion.
2. We feeling.
3. Common language.
4. Common territory.
Select the correct answer:

What does law in a society mean?
1. To transform informal social norms into formal ones.
2. To elevate vague obligations and privileges into rights and duties.
3. A realm of formal obligation.
4. A fear imposed on people to avoid certain actions.
Select the correct answer:

Which one of the following is the correct statement?
The term cultural relativity means a belief in viewing

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer:
List I List II
a. Significant others 1. Freud
b. Looking-glass self 2. Cooley
c. Collective representation 3. Mead
d. Id, Ego and Superego 4. Durkheim
5. Jung