Match the following in the term of Types of E-Commerce Model and Definitions.
List I (E-Commerce Model) List II (Definitions)
a. B2C 1. When a business sells a goods or service to another business.
b. B2B 2. When a business sells goods to an individual consumer directly.
c. C2C 3. When a consumer sells their own products or services to organisation or business.
d. C2B 4. When a consumer sells goods or services to another consumer.

Consider the following statements
1. In the Robinson model, in the event of the wage rate declining, the income in increasing.
2. Under Robinson model, if the income remains stable then the wage rate is high.
Choose the correct statement

Match the following in the term of Sociologist and Theory.
List I (Sociologist) List II (Theory)
a. Karl Marx 1. The Protestant-Ethic and the spirit of capitalism.
b. Emile Durkheim 2. Symbolic Cultural Meaning
c. Max Weber 3. Commodity Fetishism
d. David Riesman 4. The Lonely Crowd

Which among the following is/are considered as the dimensions of economic development?

Which of the following features is not common in a town and a city?