Statement : There are more than 200 villages in the hill area of Uttar Pradesh which are severely damaged due to cyclone and it causes an extra burden of Rs 200 crore on State Government for relief and rehabilitation work.

Courses of Action :
I. People of hill area should be shifted to other safer places.
II. State Government should ask more financial support from Central Government.
III. Government should levy relief tax to the corporate sector to ease the additional burden.

A. None follows

B. Only I and II follow

C. Only II and III follow

D. Only I and III follow

E. None of these

Answer: Option E

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Since severe damage has been caused by cyclone, people in affected villages ought to be shifted to safer places. Also, since relief work entails huge amounts, the State Government needs to pool up funds by either of the ways given in II and III. So, I and either II or III follow.

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