Statement : There has been unprecedented increase in the prices of essential commodities during the past few days due to the strike call given by the transporters association.

Courses of Action :
I. The transporters' association should be ordered by the government to immediately withdraw strike call or else they will face severe consequences.
II. The government should immediately make alternative arrangements to ensure adequate supply of essential commodities in the market.
III. The government should immediately declare the strike illegal and put all those responsible for the strike behind the bars.

A. Only I and II follow

B. Only II and III follow

C. Only I and III follow

D. All follow

E. None of these

Answer: Option A

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Clearly, the situation demands that strike be called off, either through warning or negotiations, and till then alternative arrangements be made to retain normalcy in supply of essential commodities. So, both I and II follow. Taking extreme steps (as getting the striking transporters arrested) at the first stage, doesn't seem proper. So, III does not follow.

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