Tell me something about yourself apart from resume/CV?

This one is a little typical way to start the interview. It clearly makes it evident as to who has and who has not mugged up the answer to the question 'tell me about yourself'.
It provides you the opportunity to directly move on to your special points:
1. Here you can start with your achievements during your academic and professional qualifications. Line them up in descending order, starting with the best of all.
2. Mention the skills and exceptional qualities that you have.
3. Throw some light on the various challenges that you have faced in your life and do mention as to how you managed to overcome them. Your struggle shows your determination and will-power.
4. Do mention about your family background - place where they reside, members in family and their occupation.

The alert points, goes same as in the previous question:
1. In no possibility should the answer take more than 5 minutes. Keep it short but contended at the same time.
2. Be prepared for any sort of counter-questions that can be derived from your this answer.
3. Beware of how you speak. Never let the interviewer feel that you have mugged things up.

Tell me something about yourself apart from resume/CV

Now, it’s time for 'participation':
*Assume that you are sitting in the interview room now.
*You have been asked to ‘Tell me something about yourself apart from resume/CV’. Go ahead; give it a try on how to answer the same. Post your own answers and get them reviewed .

User Answer ( 9 )

  1. user
    Mukesh Kumar
    7 years ago
    I have got first prize in the SCA event of my department and got second prize of Ozass 17 event name simply SQL. I got first position in every semester exam till now.

    I faced many challenges and up down in my life once there is week economy of my family and that time I curious to take B. Tech but not taken but I not left my dream polish and I take MCA . I face many difficulty in learning new subject. But slowly slowly I take over them.
  2. user
    Kirti Shukla
    7 years ago
    After completing my B.Sc. i was confused with my career but somehow i decided for MCA and now i am doing well in it.
    I had not interest in traveling but since my hometown is far from my university i started liking it and believes that traveling explores the personality.
  3. user
    Namrata Deshmukh
    5 years ago
    i like to travel ,regularly i travel thane to borivali because my clg at borivali in that travelling period i did my of the thinks like reading,completing my assignment. i won first prize in cricket competation at clg level
  4. user
    Pragya Pradhan
    4 years ago
    After completing my higher secondary education I'm confused with my career. Later I decided to go for hospital management. And now I'm doing well in this. My family consist of three members my parents including me. But my family economic stability is not well enough. So I hardly want a job for helping my family. I have a good working capacity and good listening skill also. I've completed basic and advance course of computer.
    My goal is to get a suitable job in a well known company.
  5. user
    Luckesh Lee
    3 years ago
    After completing my higher secondary education, i dont have any idea to explore anything but i have decided that we have to prove ourself what we are, and i choose be to improve our eligibility,now im well qualified in my place.

    I can prove ,whatever it is what i can do well in it...
  6. user
    Rashid Menhas
    3 years ago
    My graduation is done .and now i myself prepare for competitive exame. And i am working on it.
  7. user
    rajratna sakhare
    3 years ago
    I have a sport man I recently achieve state level cricket Championship I got in 2nd prize nd I joining in parttime job because I am hard work
  8. user
    Kartik Jariwala
    2 years ago
    As I completed my Bachelor's degree in Electrical , I started pursuing for the government job but nothing going so well. But after 1 year I got selected as a Graduate Apprentice Trainee from one of the Maharatna company of India"Powergrid Corporation of India Limited" and I got a chance to embrace my technical skills. As far as my family background is concerned we are 4 members Father, Mother and Lil' sister. That's all about me.
  9. user
    Oyibe Benedicth
    2 months ago
    After I complete my higher school I decided to learn computer training and after I also learned how to produce paint

Tell me something about yourself apart from resume/CV?