The functional difference between SR flip-flop and JK flip-flop is that

A. JK flip-flop is faster than SR flip-flop

B. JK flip-flop has a feed back path

C. JK flip-flop accepts both inputs 1

D. JK flip-flop does not require external clock

E. None of the above

Answer: Option C

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  1. Anindya Adhikary
    Anindya Adhikary :
    5 months ago

    JK flip-flop accepts both inputs as 1 and in return gives a toggle state which means a complemented state as output. For ex - if the initial state is q then the output would be complement of q.

    In case of SR flip-flop the output would be a invalid state if both the inputs are set to 1.

  2. Rahul Gupt
    Rahul Gupt :
    5 years ago

    Inter ka ASCII code kaha hota hai

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