The work done in isothermal compression compared to that in adiabatic compression will be

A. Less

B. More

C. Same

D. More or less depending upon the extent of work done

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Since, the area under $$P-V$$   plot for isothermal is less than the area under $$p-v$$   plot for adiabatic process during compression. We can say adiabatic work done is more than isothermal work done.

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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Rohit Kawade
    Rohit Kawade :
    2 months ago

    The answer should be (A) Less.

  2. Henok YA
    Henok YA :
    3 months ago

    The answer will be absolutely A
    Because when we see the graph of P-V
    The area of isothermal compression is less than that the area of adiabatic compression.
    That means the work done on P-V graph is equal with The area made by the P-V.

  3. Hanan Hashim
    Hanan Hashim :
    3 years ago

    According to exam veda team solution the right answer must be A not B

  4. Mayank Gupta
    Mayank Gupta :
    4 years ago

    wrong ans
    a is right

  5. Athish P
    Athish P :
    5 years ago

    It's ans is A given B is wrong, adiabatic compression have more work done than isothermal compression

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