What are your weaknesses?

Just like in case of strengths, when they ask you about your weaknesses; the interviewer(s) try to gauge the level of self-awareness you have. They want to assess your character and personality. Remember ‘the ones who KNOW what their shortcomings are; would be the one who OVERCOME them by working upon them.’ Moreover, one should have the courage to accept one’s own weaknesses.

Following points need to be considered while answering this question:
1. Introspect and identify your key weaknesses. Just in case, you are not aware of them then do ask from your friends.
2. Use a trick – Describe a quality which seems to be a weakness superficially but is actually strength when seen in essence. To describe strength as a weakness, try to answer such weakness which can be converted in strength.
E.g.:- I feel my aggressiveness is my greatest weakness but at times it’s the same quality that helps me while leading my team and getting things done on time.
3. Always keep an example ready to support each of your above-mentioned weaknesses. Not only an example but your answer should include how you managed/fought /overcame the same. This shall show your willingness to improve yourself.
4. If you list too many number of weaknesses, then, you are at risk of sounding demotivated. Even the weaknesses that you mention might display you to be an unfit/incapable candidate. So, limit the number to maximum two. Choose the suitable ones out of all.

What are your weaknesses

Now, it’s time for 'participation':
*Assume that you are sitting in the interview room now.
*You have been asked to ‘What are your weaknesses’. Go ahead; give it a try on how to answer the same. Post your own answers and get them reviewed .

User Answer ( 12 )

  1. user
    waheeda hussain
    7 years ago
    My weaknesses is I never say no to any kind of work even I don't do it perfectly but
    Try to learn new thing every time
  2. user
    iam uday
    6 years ago
  3. user
    Anup Palodhi
    6 years ago
    Actually my weakness is that I always feel nervous while starting a tough work , though I becomes feel comfortable with that work later & finally would able that work successfully
  4. user
    Rohit Yadav
    6 years ago
    it is so difficult to give answer of that question
  5. user
    Md Hasan
    6 years ago
    It' s true that no one is really perfect. I am not exceptional. However, my weakness is to fell nervous in unknown places with unknown jobs that have to be done by me.
  6. user
    Shradha Malge
    5 years ago
    Whenever I am in panic I think too much
  7. user
    Prince Akash
    4 years ago
    You answered like that :-
    My biggest weakness is that I would not feel comfortable if I have not complete my work.I overcome from it when I worked on me and practicesized more and more until I am not finished my work.
  8. user
    Amrit Maity
    3 years ago
    I don't spend the time! Because we are known that time is the most important for our life. So, I always try to give my best work performance. And I completed my work with confidence.
  9. user
    Muhammad Qaisar
    2 years ago
    My Intuition and curiosity for learning new methods and tricks.
  10. user
    Chandu Huli
    2 years ago
  11. user
    Omkar Gaherwar
    1 year ago
    Too critical of other people's work.
  12. user
    Naveed Sayyad
    8 months ago
    I consider my weaknesses I am emotional person and I cannot say no to anyone

What are your weaknesses?