What do you know about this company?

This question, again, is one of the most common questions thrown at Freshers. The reason behind the same is that Freshers undoubtedly applies for job in many companies. The interviewer(s) need to assess how serious you are about his company. In order to understand your true level of interest for this job, they ask you this question.
It has been observed that generally candidates don’t answer this question properly and up to the interviewer’s satisfaction level. Hence, you need to take special care while preparing this answer. Few key areas, in this context, are mentioned below:
1. Know about the company’s operating activities - product and services its deals in.
2. Do a research about the company’s biggest achievements, current financial and other relevant data like annual turnover, profit, and production capacity.
3. Learn and understand the Vision and long term goals of the company. Get yourself acquainted with the immediate future plans and recent developments of the company that the company has made public.
4. Know the ‘Top management’ members of the company. A basic idea about their image in the public shall be desirable.
5. Read about the key competitors of the company/industry and the current ongoing issues faced by the industry.

What do you know about this company

Now, it’s time for 'participation':
*Assume that you are sitting in the interview room now.
*You have been asked to ‘ what do you know about this company’. Go ahead; give it a try on how to answer the same. Post your own answers and get them reviewed .

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  1. user
    Bile Bakshi
    5 years ago
    sir , as i am fresher, i have theoretical knowledge but i can do hard work for my organization. And i i will put my efforts for the good progress of my Organization. Being punctual and sincere, i can finish the work given to me on time and try my best to fulfill all the needs of company from me.

What do you know about this company?