What is a view?

A. A view is a special stored procedure executed when certain event occurs.

B. A view is a virtual table which results of executing a pre-compiled query. A view is not part of the physical database schema, while the regular tables are.

C. A view is a database diagram.

D. None of these

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

A VIEW is a virtual table, through which a selective portion of the data from one or more tables can be seen. A view do not contain data of their own. They are used to restrict access to the database or to hide data complexity. A view is stored as a SELECT statement in the database. DML operations on a view like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE affects the data in the original table upon which the view is based.

The Syntax to create a sql view is:
CREATE VIEW view_name
SELECT column_list
FROM table_name [WHERE condition];

  • view_name is the name of the VIEW.
  • The SELECT statement is used to define the columns and rows that you want to display in the view.

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