When does liability to pay GST arise in case of supply of goods?

A. On raising of invoice

B. At the time of supply of goods

C. On receipt of payment

D. Earliest of any of above

Answer: Option D

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  1. Abhilash Krishnan
    Abhilash Krishnan :
    2 years ago

    Not No. 66/2017 read with Sec 12(2)(a) liability to pay tax on goods arises only on the day in which invoice is issued or ought to have been issued as per section 31
    no liability to pay tax on advances in case of goods
    given answer is wrong

  2. Jotindra Ghosh
    Jotindra Ghosh :
    2 years ago

    how is possible

  3. Indrani Tripathi
    Indrani Tripathi :
    3 years ago

    As per recent amendment notification released by GST Council for goods the premise of "payment date" has been removed ,now Time of supply is - date of invoice or date when invoice is ought to be issued u/s 31(1).

  4. Indrani Tripathi
    Indrani Tripathi :
    3 years ago

    Changed to 100 lakhs ( for special category states : 75 lakhs except Jammu & Kashmir ;
    Uttrakhand )

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